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The Seamus Make-up Challenge.

OOOOON the left side! – Emma. OOOOON the right side! – Vanessa. Lets do this thang!….

So Seamus (being the very good sport that he is), allowed us to mess around with some makeup on his face. He was even good enough to shave for the occasion (that’s a friend right there!).

Naturally, we all assumed we would make an ungodly mess of his face and generally just mess around and be stupid. But surprisingly, with a bit of flair from Vanessa and I, and a ridiculous amount of photogenicity (a word I just invented just for this occasion) from Seamus, we kind of pulled together a bit of an awesome David Bowie/superhero look, complete with top hat and cane.


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Brazilian Flag. (Green, Yellow, Blue)

So I decided to test out some colours on Vanessa today. She wanted me to do something in either green or purple to see how they would look on her. I opted for green, what with St. Paddy’s day around the corner. I wasn’t aiming to do a St. Patrick’s Day look really, so perhaps swap the yellow for an orange to add another Irish colour to the mix.

While I was painting her up, Vanessa informed me that I was in fact using the colours of the Brazilian flag which was kind of a happy accident. So here is my (accidental) Brazilian/Irish theme party look!

Home girl representin’!   😉