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Female Clown Makeup


Colourful Clown Makeup Tutorial 

Colourful Clown Makeup Tutorial

Colourful Clown Makeup Tutorial


Hey goys!

Tired wearing your boring old ‘natural’ look makeup to work?

Ditch it today and try this vibrant clown makeup on for size! 100% guaranteed to be a talking point at the office.


There are a lot of steps to this but don’t let that put you off, there’s nothing complicated here. You can get away with just having the white and black facepaints for this and any colourful eyeshadows will do for the rest.

Keeps scrolling for a step-by-step guide on how to create this look.

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Products Used


  • Sleek iDivine – Acid
  • Sleek iDivine – Ultra Matte Bright
  • Inglot Eyesadow – 50 (Red)
  • Maybelline Fit Me Powder – 120 Classic Ivory
  • Eyelure eyelash glue
  • Fake lashes (the bigger the better, but I just had natural looking ones on hand)
  • Dazzle Dust by Barry M – 2 (any pearly sparkly goldy fairy dust stuff will do, but you can do without either. )
  • Pack of stick on gems
  • Snazaroo paints – White, Black, Purple, Lavender Sparkle, Bright Pink, Blood Red
  • A makeup or facepainting sponge
  • Various makeup and paint brushes (make sure you have one with a small tip for detailing)


Ok, so I completely forgot to take a photo of actual step one before the eye bit, but I’ll go through the steps anyway so calm down, I’ll make it up to you!

Step 1

Wax your  eyebrows down (NOT OFF) with eyebrow wax or a bar of glycerin soap (because who the hell has a bunch of eyebrow wax lying around?)

Step 2

Apply white facepaint evenly over face and neck.

Step 3

Draw a large cat eye shape around your eye, making sure it is drawn above your eyebrow. Don’t worry if it ends up a bit wonky like mine, once its filled in it’ll look sound.


Step 4

Apply white shadow to the lid of your eye so the paint doesn’t crease.

Step 5 

Take a dark purple shadow and apply to the socket, trying to keep the line between socket and lid as clean as possible (which seemingly I had difficulty with)

Next, apply a lighter Purple above the darker purple.

Apply a nice blue above the light purple – we’re making a rainbooow!


Step 6

Pick your favorite green shadow and apply above the blue


Step 7

Continue to add colours (yellow, orange, red) until you have a bunch of rainbow crap on your face.

Sidenote: I applied the Brights first and added the corresponding Acid colours on top to make them look a bit brighter)


Step 8

Whack on some crazy cartoon eyebrows with black facepaint.

At this stage you should look like you should have put on your makeup before you took that acid.


Step 9

Using a blusher brush and some hot pink eyeshadow, start underneath your new eye line and blend out in order to achieve that ‘anemic raver that just got pepper sprayed’ look.


Step 10

Line the your lids

Paint on some lashes on the lower outline of the eye and add some clown spikes. (whatever they are)


Step 11

Apply Dazzle dust all over the lid and the rainbow part of your eye (because glitter).


Step 12

Give your nose that frostbitten and about to fall off look by painting it purple.

I used sparkly lavender as a base and shaded with purple and black. Don’t forget your white dot to make it look all shiny and shit.


Step 13

Fill your lips in with pink facepaint, add white on top once the pink is dry

Use your blood red paint as you would lip liner to line yours lips, taking it slightly past your natural lip line.

Now use the red to extend your lip parting with some creepy ass clown streaks.

Congratulations! You now look as mental on the outside as you already were on the inside.


Now go down to Tesco and freak out some old people.


Or go be a Juggalo and be straight up clownin’


Peace out.


Body Painting – Round 1

A few photos of some body art I tried out, just for fun. The dragon was a tattoo that I painted over and expanded, the rest was just me doodling with some facepaints!

Peter stayed amazingly still for the duration, though he was lying by the fire with a beer in hand, getting a paintbrush back massage.. I would have been pretty happy with that myself!

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Katy Perry E.T. Makeup

Tried this look out a couple of months back, always thought it looked amazing in the video.

All you need for the look are a few shades of brown eyeshadow and eyeliners and a white eye pencil. (I used prit-stick to stick down my brows, so that would also be handy if you have some lying around.)

A steady hand is needed for this one as the lines going down the nose were difficult to keep straight.

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Ice Queen Look



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Colorful Club Make-up. Pink & Blue .

If you like your makeup dramatic and fun then try this out!


You will need:

  • Eye shadows in: Hot Pink, Purple and Aquamarine.
  • White, pink and blue iridescent powder (optional)
  • Blue and Black eyeliner
  • White eyeshadow base or primer
  • Fake lashes
  • Mascara
  • A nude lip colour

1. Apply your primer or base all over the lid underneath the eye.

2. Apply the white iridescent powder all over the brow bone.

3. Apply pink shadow to the lid, going slightly above your natural crease

4. Using a small detail brush, apply the purple shadow above the pink

5. Apply aqua shadow to the bottom lid use as much or as little as you like. Go over this with blue liner to make it stand out.

6. Apply pink powder over the pink shadow and blue powder over the aqua to make your eyes sparkle and shine.

7. Apply black liner to your waterline and create a dramatic wing that joins the blue and pink together.

8. Apply fake lashes and mascara and your nude lipstick.

Aaaaaaaaand you’re done!



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Ice and Fire! Night and Day! Good and Evil!

The lovely Vanessa Yamashiro and I went out in Dublin City as fairies on Sunday. The painted masks are almost the same, except for the colour schemes.

Vanessa wanted vibrant fire colours so I used red, orange and black for her mask. I went for the baby girl colours pink, purple and baby blue for my own mask.

I’m really happy with how they turned out, just a bit of time and patience required!

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Fairy makeup practice run.

Bought some fairy wings back in August for 3e (they’ve most likely jacked the price up to at least a tenner for Halloween weekend) so I’ve totally changed my mind from being a zombie to a fairy this Halloween (mostly because there are so many cool makeup ideas I can experiment with.

Here’s one I tried out this evening. Its a very pretty, girly fairy look. It completely possible that I could change my mind again tomorrow and do an evil gothic fairy instead. (I feel like Halloween costumes should always be scary or un-dead looking)

I’ll be adding gems all over it and a heap more glitter tomorrow if I go with this makeup. I only tried it on half my face so you’ll use your imagination for the other side.